About Us

Cranium is a development studio based in the United Kingdom. We are a small team of ex-games industry developers who have branched out to follow our passion for exciting new software and beautiful digital design solutions.

We develop innovative apps for phone and desktop, such as our upcoming title Known Space, available soon on iOS. Our years of games industry experience allows us to develop visually stunning and engaging apps that are a joy to use.

We also provide digital design solutions for a range of clients, from web design to corporate identity. In partnership with established digital marketing agencies we have been successfully delivering high quality commercial grade design solutions for many years.


Cranium is online

With the launch of our website we are now online! Our focus at the moment is preparing our first app, Known Space, for it’s imminent release on iPhone and iPad. You can read more about it on our Known Space page tadalafil prix. We hope you’ll love exploring the universe and discovering all of the …